Commercial License

The following license agreement applies to all products available at

Licensing Terms

All Amber & Ink resources allow use for both personal and commercial projects.

You can modify any resource downloaded from to your liking to fit into your project.

The license allows you to:

  • Use the resources to create products for sale (up to 5000 end units)
  • Use the resources for personal and commercial projects
  • Use resources for multiple projects or multiple clients

The license does not allow you to:

  • resell, redistribute, lease, license, sub-license the resources on their own without significant modification that requires time, effort, and skill to produce. For example:
    • You cannot purchase an illustration pack and sell prints of the illustrations without combining them with other assets and or your original creations.
    • You cannot purchase a pre-made logo template and sell the logo design without any modifications to the original design.
  • upload resources to another website, marketplace or media-sharing tool, and offering my resources as a separate attachment from any of your work.
  • Use assets if the total end products for client/project exceed 5000 units.
  • Provide your client with the source files.

If you have any quesations about the licensing, please feel free to contact me.